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Engagement / Contact Policy

Although all attorneys at MHCKBS are currently taking on new clients and matters, the determination of when appointments are available and whether a matter can, or should, be handled by any individual attorney is personal to, and at the discretion of, such attorney.  If your initial attorney of choice is not available at the time you seek representation, another equally skilled attorney may be suggested to you.  Most new clients come to MHCKBS from a valued referral source and referred clients have a higher priority when scheduling available time, unfortunately resulting in a certain number of potential new clients that cannot be served by the firm.  The attorneys of Milom Horsnell Crow Kelley Beckett Shehan PLC welcome your inquiries and will be happy to provide you with any information you need to determine if we are the appropriate firm to serve your current needs.  This information, however, should be limited to the areas of general firm practice, the experience of the attorney, the timing of the matter, the ability of the firm to handle a matter and billing and payment policies.  Due to the sensitive nature of legal matters and the potential for conflict of interest, initial inquiries should not request any preliminary legal opinions or cover any areas that might be perceived as requesting “legal advice.”  Legal services are only rendered by the attorneys in the context of a formal representation, after financial arrangements have been agreed upon frequently, an engagement or retainer letter is signed indicating the scope and terms of our engagement.  Open and frequent communication between attorney and the client is extremely important to a positive attorney/client relationship.  The advances of technology, however, often inflate expectations beyond what is reasonable in the time needed for any attorney to respond to a telephone message or e-mail or do complete required work.  Our attorneys endeavor to return all call and e-mails within a reasonable time-frame, while trying to give priority to your urgent matters and attention to current work.  Responses to telephone messages are much easier when clients make sure to provide adequate numbers at which they can be called back and a general idea of times that they are available.  Completion of work is often dependent upon third party action or response or other circumstances beyond the control of your attorney.  We look forward to working with you!